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Brazilian Keratin Treatment, performed with the help of high-standard Cocochoco Professional products, is an innovative, amazingly efficient and safe method, changing messy hair into straight, soft and gleaming one. It is worth mentioning that keratin is a kind of protein which belongs to the main ingredients of human nails, hair and skin structure. As a result, if you apply it to your hair, it undergoes a thorough renovation and revitalisation. Cocochoco Professional Brazilian Keratin Treatment does not harm its natural form, but restores it by complementing any deficiencies.

This procedure is possible both on virgin and already harmed hair. No matter if you dyed, bleached, permed or highlighted it before, it will be surprisingly helpful. Taking into consideration how thick and long particular hair is, the service may last from 1 hour and 30 minutes to 3 hours. In order to seal the material, a flat iron is used. In this way, moisture is trapped and hair is getting more hydrated, what results in a gorgeous, shiny final effect. When the process is finished, you can notice the influence of Cocochoco Professional hair keratin products at once. Provide yourself with a young, healthy, breath-taking appearance as soon as possible! Do not wait and place an order in our well-stocked online shop!