Brazilian Blowout

Keratin treatments and Brazilian blowout belong to the most innovative methods of smoothing and straightening hair, as they make it possible to achieve amazing results without causing any damage to follicles. Thanks to the bonding of proteins with the outer surface of hair, it becomes revitalized, smoother, softer and more relaxed. This process occurs when a flat iron is used.

Both techniques are effective in getting rid of frizz, as well as sealing a colour in, reducing blow dry time and making your hair more shiny. However, Brazilian blowout tends to be appreciated more often. You may be wondering why, so we would like to explain the details of this treatment.

Thanks to a protein, obtained by blending amino acids, a product used in this method makes it possible to achieve amazing effects. Firstly, hair needs to be shampooed and slightly dried, so that only little moisture would stay. Then, the product is applied and hair should be blow dried again. Next, a flat iron ought to be used. After drying all the hair, it has to be shampooed again and washed. At the end, a conditioner is applied, rinsed out and hair is finally dried.

Before & After


One of the most important advantages of Brazilian blowout is its higher convenience, in comparison with a simple keratin treatment. It takes less time, namely around 1.5 hour, while other keratin treatments need 2-3 hours to be applied properly. What is more, after 3 days, you have to wash out the product again.

Another great aspect of performing a Brazilian blowout is that the procedure is finished just after you leave the hairdresser's. Moreover, no matter what you do, your hair will keep the results for approximately 3 months. As it was said before, when it comes to other keratin treatments, the product must be rinsed out no sooner than after 3 full days. Up to that time, you are not allowed to crease your hair in any way, so you cannot wear bobby pins and barrettes on it or even place it behind your ears.

Although Brazilian blowout does not hurt hair in any way, the final effect is so stunning that our clients are always amazingly happy to see it, what provides us with huge satisfaction.