Brazilian keratin treatment


HairDry, curly and frizzy hair causes styling difficulties for many women around the world. When the humidity rises, so do the troubles of taming this type of hair. Ladies, who face these problems and struggle with straightening or styling their hair everyday, should decide on an extremely effective Brazilian keratin treatment. The procedure available at many professional salons is possible thanks to quality products offered by Cocochoco Professional and other manufacturers.

Brazilian hair straightening

Brazilian hair straightening is a service for women with all types of hair, who, besides wanting to make it smoother, also want to nourish and strengthen it. Hair is visibly rejuvenated and shiny, but it is also hydrated and way easier to tame at home. Brazilian keratin treatment performed with the use of Cocochoco's products has miraculous effects, mostly thanks to a balanced formula, consisting of protein, conditioners and some other chemical additions.

A short description of what a typical Brazilian Blowout looks like, to help women understand the procedure:

  • First step is thoroughly washing the hair with a sulfate-free clarifying shampoo.
  • This gives base for the keratin product, which is applied section by section.
  • Then, the hairdresser has to dry the hair, until only a little moisture remains.
  • After that, he seals it with a flat iron, activating the proteins from the formula.

The time it takes to perform Brazilian Blowout varies depending on the hair structure, the frequency of washing it and simply its volume. Hairdressers suggest avoiding shampoos with sulfates, since they tend to not only remove the product faster, but also strip hair of protein. The effects of Brazilian hair straightening can last up to three months.

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