Brazilian keratin treatment


HairMany women suffer from having dry and frizzy hair that are difficult to style. Especially when it is humid outside, this type of hair seems to get out of control, as no matter what one does, it simply cannot be tamed. However, there is one treatment known to have an incredible influence on those naughty hairstyles – Brazilian Keratin Treatment.


Brazilian hair straightening

For those with curly and dry hair, it usually is the only way to make them shiny and straight. Due to its natural base, it is not harmful for hair and leaves it more hydrated than ever before, so those ladies whose hair structure is delicate and damaged do not have to worry about any negative influence. This Brazilian hair straightening effect is known for its miraculous effects caused by the combination of perfectly balanced ingredients. The whole composition contains of chemical additions, conditioners and a protein the whole treatment takes its name from i.e. keratin.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment usually can take one to three hours and contain of few basic steps:

  • hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo
  • keratin treatment is applied section by section
  • it is sealed into the hair with a flat iron.

Brazilian hair straightening works on many types of hair and it is totally safe. Even women with dyed, very curly and frizzy hair can benefit from its miraculous effect, so they do not have to worry about having an unpredictable hairstyle on a rainy day.

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